Unlimited Creativity

"Mirit Weinstock is a conceptual designer who developed her fashion and design sense in Italy, France and England, alternating her desire to experiment between clothing and accessories. With no limit to her creativity or imagination, she has even created a collection of dresses, aside from working with dance companies and teaching at design colleges.”

-Vogue Italy

Our Services


I am a fashion and jewelry designer with over 20 years of experience. I offer design services in fashion, jewelry, costume design, textile, fashion photography and branding vision.



In 2019 I relocated to Tokyo to study Japanese traditional crafts. I specialize in Ikebana, Washi, Mizuhiki among other crafts.
I offer craft workshops and design collaborations related to Japanese crafts.



“Tokyo here and Now” are live lectures in Hebrew by Mirit Weinstock about contemporary Japanese art and design and its fusion with the tradition.

In “Tokyo here and Now - art and design tours" I will guide you through Tokyo's galleries and museums, or help you plan an inspiring trip in Japan.