Moment No#11

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Moments are Objects for one flower - to create a "moment" in time.
The "moment" object is made from a small Japanese ceramic dated about 500 years old and a silver cast branch plated gold to create a single flower arrangement.
The ceramic pieces were collected at flea markets in Japan.

Moments are a combination of my three great passions: jewelry, Ikebana and ceramics, and are inspired by Japanese craft and aesthetics.

Each Moment set includes endless possibilities.
Create your "moment" with dry or seasonal flowers, with or without water.

The ceramic piece was collected at flea markets in Japan. I made the silver branch by cutting a branch into a Y shape, just like branches we use to hold flowers in an Ikebana arrangement. The branch weighs nearly 10 grams of silver and captures all the original textures of the original natural branch. Silver plated gold 24 Karat

Ceramic antique pieces is 10 cm

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